We picked up the new cargo bike today!

Today is when it all starts. We picked up our new Babboe Big cargo bicycle from the Dutch Bicycle Shop in Goatstown, Dublin.

Our new Babboe Big cargo bicycle


About the Babboe Big cargo bicycle

You can find details on the Babboe Big bicycle at Babboe’s web site & the Dutch Bicycle Shop. The Babboe Big is a brand from the Netherlands which specialises in manifacturing cargo bikes. We opted for the larger 3 wheel electric version as we have 3 young kids so we wanted to make sure they had a bit of space. Just a quick overview of our model is as follows:

  • Can carry 4 passengers + cyclist
  • Cargo box contains two benches to seat two children each side facing each other
  • Has 3 wheels, two at the front for stability
  • Has an electric battery to assist with cycling e.g. up hills
  • Load capacity is up to 100kg
  • Cargo box area is made of birch wood
  • Comes with two front LED lights & a rear light



We added some cushions to make it more comfortable for the kids to sit on the benches. We also purchased what Babboe calls a rain tent but we think it is great for shielding against the elements especially during winter. I installed the rain tent cover myself which just took a few minutes to do once the box was opened.


Babboe Big rain tent cover


Now that we have the bike, it is time to put it too some use!