Giggles & chatter from the passengers in the front!

One thing I have really enjoyed so far with using the cargo bike in the past few days is that I can now look at & talk to my kids while riding the bicycle. It is not that we do not talk while I am driving the car, but obviously when driving the kids are naturally behind the driver & front passenger. I am sure many parents will have been asked “I want to show you something, look at me!” & of course when you are driving, the best you can do is give a cursory glance in the mirror. A similar challenge exists when I have cycled with my daughter on the back of my own bicycle – I can barely hear what she says as there is so much traffic noise around us & I need to turn around quickly to see what she is saying & I feel bad sometimes because I cannot engage as much say when we are walking alongside each other.

Babboe Big rain tent cover

I can now engage with the kids while cycling

With the Babboe Big cargo bike we bought, all the kids are in front of me. Apart from the aspect of being able to see them & potentially break up the odd argument or two with relative ease (if that is possible!), I am actually able to talk to the kids while cycling. So much so, they are engaging in conversations that we do not have in the car. We have no distractions such as a radio or CD playing music. It is just myself & the kids chatting or I get to listen in on their conversations. Right now they are enjoying the novelty of being transported around on a cargo bike so I hear them chatting, laughing & enjoying the view. Even with the rain tent cover used, Babboe have a little open window slot on the rear so I can hear them talk & vice versa.