Grocery Shopping with a Cargo Bike

For several months now we have been using the cargo bike on a weekly basis to do our main grocery shop. My wife used to do this in the car but we have switched roles & I do this with the cargo bike. There is plenty of room in the cargo bike to do the main shopping & have a passenger as well.

Typical Shopping Routine

Since September 2017, our typical weekday morning routine involves dropping our two girls to school. I then have our two year old son to entertain for the morning before I head to work around lunch time.

When we do the weekly grocery shop, we head down to our local Dunnes Stores supermarket directly from the school. Going from the house to the school & finally onto the supermarket is around a 4km trip in distance which is about 20 minutes cycle time. It is a slightly shorter return trip of about 3km, so all-in that is 7km total distance.

With just one child, the bicycle is naturally lighter & there is more space to fit the shopping which is perfect.


What I bring to the Shop

I bring with me a “child bag” which contains spare clothes etc. as we are still not quite there with the potty training in that sometimes we have an accident. Apart from that I just bring the shopping bags to pack the groceries in.


Parking at our supermarket

Dunnes Stores in Cornelscourt, Dublin is great in that they have plenty of bicycle parking right beside the main entrance & it is the useful Sheffield style bicycle parking posts which are great for locking the cargo bike to. When I arrive at the shop, after I lock up the cargo bike I will grab a shopping trolley & away we go.

Bicycle parking at Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt, Dublin

How much groceries?

We fill up our trolley so we are coming out with a lot of groceries needed for a family of five! As you can see from the photos below, we do fill up the cargo bike but there is enough space for the little man to sit in there. It is tight so if we had more than one passenger, it would be a bit squashed.

Once or twice we had some issues where a milk bottle has burst or I squashed a piece of fruit or something similar. This is due to the fact that some bag stacking is generally needed & sometimes I have been careless as to what bag is packed onto what. Otherwise the groceries & human cargo arrive back home in one piece. The odd time the little fellow will be curious & have a look around the bags, but generally he is good.


 Shopping trolly full of groceries Grocery shopping inside the cargo bike