Ho, ho, ho! It’s Christmas tree time!

Christmas is coming so there is excitement in the house! Santa letters have been sent, now we need to buy the Christmas tree.

Tree by cargo bike

Last year we brought our Christmas tree home by cargo bike with my son. This year I decided to do it again & my eldest daughter (age 6), was my helper elf.

As we are based in our new hometown of Bray, we had a different location to travel to this year for our tree. We chose to buy our tree from a local charity called Festina Lente. The location is about 20 minutes from our house so a bit of a cycle journey but worth it in the end!

Transporting the Christmas Tree

Looking at the photos it looks a bit awkward but the bicycle was completely stable for the entire journey home. There was space for one passenger so my daughter was comfortable enough. The tree was secured in the cargo bike with some rope so that it did not shift in the bike.

With our Santa hats on, at the insistence of the helper elf aka daughter, we cycled home & in good spirits many passers by on footpaths & in cars gave us some cheers.

Happy Christmas / Nollaig Shona Duit 🙂

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